Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Time for This Blog to TAKE OFF!

Dear Expo Fans,

Well -- so far, so good. I've been practicing my "blogging skills" all summer over on ritassewfun.blogspot.com. One of the BEST things that happened was that Jan Potter and Bonne Swett, the "Two Girlfriends" from last year's show -- joined me in a JEANS CHALLENGE. OH MY GOD. They were awesome!! They sent me clues, and pictures of their project in progress, and even TRASH TALKED. We gave ourselves two weeks to complete the challenge.
If you continue to read -- the post below is a recap of our "recycled jeans challenge".

Thanks for coming to read the blog -- I promise to keep you posted on the behind-the-scenes-Expo developments!!

Next week, Annette from Pacific Fabrics is going to tell you about their recent "Stitch & Pitch" event in Seattle. They had Deborah Norville!! HEY -- PACIFIC FABRICS -- BRING HER TO PUYALLUP...!!
In the next coupla days -- you'll see pictures of Bonne, Jan and ME -- wearing our recycled jeans challenge garments.


  1. Well, I'm reading your blog. Someday, I'll make it to the Expo...I'll be interested in hearing about the Deborah Norville event.

  2. Thanks, Meredith!! We'd love to haves you come to the show. Where do you live?