Saturday, September 26, 2009

Email from the Dynamic Duo

Yesterday, the Sewing & Stitchery newsletter went out -- and I had a LOT of hits on this blog. This is SEW MUCH fun. And I love getting your email!! Both Jan & Bonne wrote(here they are with Linda McGeHee). It's hard to believe they never BLOGGED before!! I love, love, love these girls -- they did the recycled jeans challenge and they play my blogging game by coming frequently to see what I'm writing. (I know they really do, too -- because I have given them quizes...)
Jan writes:

I've been gone for a few days and wow what I've come back to on your blog!!! The broom is wonderful!!! AND you didn't get the rainboots?!!! They would be PERFECT for your recycle challenge "zebra insert red fringed jeans" for Expo!!! Hey and also check out fabric as they have in their sale stuff, a zebra bag!!! Have you had your car painted yet?!! Ok, enuf zebra stuff! I went to the new expo blog.....still that word?!!...and poof! right in front of my eyes, the BRA!!! Too funny! So we don't sign in on that one, right? Just email you? Loved the Newsletter - that stays, right? - and Bonne and I are intrigued with the new class structure, that is more like a lecture with handouts - we will have to try it!! (It will probably start a challenge for 2011!) And how fabulous to have the sunday morning program for both the heart assoc. and breast cancer awareness - the "Red and Pink" - guess we'll have to dress the part and add it to our "to do" list for support! Never done red and pink...hmmmm. You are a wonderful spokesperson, rita, as I'm beginning to feel I "know" the powers that be in Joanne, Ann, and Janet from your reports. Its amazing to learn how much work goes in to putting on expo with their (and your) work, as well as MANY OTHERS in the planning stages. Great job!!! Hope the new blog is a great success and creates some new and memorable moments - ok!!! Here's the first challenge on the new "expo blog"!!! Lets step it up!! In order to show our support to all the wonderful people who put on Expo, instead of just wearing wear pink and red, bonne and I would like to CHALLENGE all of you out there in "Expoblog-Land" (get it?!) to making a vest, jacket, scarf, hat, pin, ribbon, or anything appropriately wearable, in red and pink, to the Red/Pink Program at Expo 2010!!! Our support is vital for women getting the message to stay healthy in both of these projects. Of course, it is not required, but could be a lot of fun! Whadaya think, rita? ("appropriately wearable"? what in the heck is THAT?!!!) See, bonne made me say that!!! ha ha ha!! She always keeps me in line!!! good job Riat!!! byeee, jan and bonne too!

Also, same day, after she read the show newsletter -- I received an email from Bonne:

Oh my gosh - talk about out of my comfort zone - LOL! But of course will have
to make something fun to wear to watch the show.
Actually, what a great pairing of organizations!!
Hum...l can see Rita now in a bold graphic of pink/red zebra ;-) Bonne

Oh, yeah!! these two are VERY ENTHUSIASTIC Expo fans!! If you didn't receive the Expo newsletter this week, and you don't know what we're talking about here -- go to the website to register. There's a link on the right side of this blog. If you can't make it work -- email me directly.

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