Sunday, September 27, 2009

Project Runway

Are you watching Project Runway? I'm a HUGE fan. And I could hardly wait for it to come on again. I love, love, love writing a weekly "recap" for my Ritassewfun blog...please go back and read them. (You should be able to do a "search this blog" and go right to the Project Runway posts.)

But this picture of Heidi Klum at the recent Emmy Awards show was shocking to me. Not because of her "in your face" late-pregnancy, body-hugging dress. (even though that was a bit jarring...) But because, of course, on the current episodes of the show -- she doesn't look one bit pregnant! So how long ago did you tape this season, Heidi??

And, of course, they just DID Fashion Week in New York City. So what DOES happen at the end of the show?? Hummm....I'm just sayin'....

And, hey -- while I'm at it -- if you're reading this, Heidi -- BRING BACK MICHAEL KORS AND NINA GARCIA!!

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