Friday, September 25, 2009

Luveta and the JEANS Challenge

I have the BEST JOB in the whole wide world! Because I get to talk to sewing speakers all over the country and I'm always delighted to hear what they're doing, where they're teaching, etc. As Luveta was driving from her South Dakota home to the nearest airport (an 8 hour drive, I think...) -- we were just chatting away on our cell phones.


This is my favorite picture of Luveta Nickels, the Junk Jeans girl...

Luveta said, "I am thrilled that my passion for blue jeans recycling has finally made it to the mainstream!! I have always believed old blue jeans are a prime opportunity to design and create."

Even though Luveta is constantly ON THE ROAD at this time of year -- teaching at shows and fairs all over the country -- she told me she followed the Jeans Challenge on the After I posted the recap on this show blog -- she was tickled ALL OVER AGAIN...

And, as soon as she gets to string two days together at her house -- she's gonna tell us what she thought. So -- brace yourselves, Jan & Bonne...we're gonna be critiqued by the World's Foremost Authority on jeans recycling!!

In the next coupla days, I'll post more pictures of our projects...and you can be the judge!!

P.S. -- Please note that Luveta's scarf matches her mittens. Maybe that's not remarkable -- but I think you should know that her luggage matches her car. No kidding. The girl is a fashionista from waaaay back! If you don't believe me -- at the show you should stop by her booth and check out her shoes...really...

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