Monday, November 12, 2012

WHO ARE the Two Hot Fuser Chicks??

We pride ourselves on hosting the biggest and best evening events in the sewing industry. We know that every year -- you look forward to Quilter's Night OUT -- and hundreds of you have NEVER MISSED ONE.

You loved Kaye Wood, Eleanor Burns, Mark Lipinski, Ricky Timms and Alex Anderson. We always have our ear to the ground -- looking for next year's big hit.

According to your comments, many of you are interested in learning more about ART QUILTS. Hey -- ME, TOO!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the whimsy and fun of art quilts.

So -- it is with GREAT JOY that I announce the 2013 Quilter's Night OUT. (drumroll, please)...

Laura Wasilowski and Frieda Anderson -- THE HOT FUSER CHICKS...

They dye their own fabric -- and their original designs hang in the most prestigious quilt shows in America...

They have a wonderful sense of humor and two different points of view...

To convey the full extent of their whimsical approach to textile, art and quilts -- I thought you would enjoy this page from Laura's website:
The Chicago School of Fusing: A Definitive History

The Chicago School of Fusing was founded in 1997 by Robbi Eklow to advocate and advance the fine art of fusing. Dedicated fusers- Robbi Eklow, Laura Wasilowski, and Melody Johnson- realized a need to proclaim their profession in an educational setting.They began teaching the fine art of fusing to a few forward thinking art quilters. They now host extension classes throughout the world.
As Dean of Corrections, Laura Wasilowski presents classes on fusing etiquette and deportment. Dean of Music, Melody Johnson, leads the Glee Club in rousing school songs such as "I'm Proud to be a Fuser from Chicago". Emily Parson acts as instructor in quilt exhibit, promotion, and sales. Frieda Anderson was hired for her entrepreneurial spirit, expertise in web site design, and the ability to calm everyone down. Jane Sassaman was added to give the school some class. And our newest faculty member, Anne "Fiesta" Lullie, was hired for her party skills.

A Quick Campus Tour

The imaginary Chicago School of Fusing campus was first located in an aromatic cheese factory on Chicago's East Side. Later the campus was relocated to the Flat Iron Building (FIB) in the heart of Chicago. Campus facilities now cover several blocks on the famous Chicago River with daily ferry service to train stations and Lake Michigan. The Fusitorium hosts the majority of classes. Technical classes in iron repair and maintenance are held in the The Iron Workers United Building or IWUB. The Flat Iron Student Services (FISS) building houses a large ice machine and Band-Aid vending service near the Nurse's office.

General fusing supplies and steel toed boots in a variety of sizes can be found at the Hot Stuff Bookstore and Uniform Shop. Students are housed in the Black and Decker Dormitories located adjacent to the newest addition to the campus, the Rowenta Sports Arena. Here, the Iron Maidens Press Squad proudly represents their school and the Fusettes Glee Club sing the CSOF fight song, "Press on Chicago Fuse" composed by John Philip Fusa.

Our Mission
The mission of the Chicago School of Fusing faculty is to endow the school with a distinctive spirit, to foster a deeper respect for fusing, and to instill in educated persons a dedication to the fine art of fusing. Individuals seeking admission to the Chicago School of Fusing must first demonstrate the ability to locate Chicago on a map and to have had some experience with an iron. Undergraduate applications may be obtained by contacting the Office of Undergraduate Admissions or by contacting a faculty member. Off campus courses are available upon request.

OH, YEAH -- this is gonna be fun!! Next week I have ANOTHER EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT about the 2013 Quilter's Night OUT -- and I think you will be very pleased...

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