Monday, January 9, 2012

Midnight Magic

For the next couple of weeks, I'm going to post specific teacher bios and information...Today's big winner is JANET PRAY. At the 2012 Sewing & Stitchery Expo, she'll be teaching:

4 needle on Wednesday – Double Green Shopping Bag,
1 needle every day is Galaxy of Sewing
2 needle on Saturday – moebius scarf
Sunday two needle is Sew Me the Money


Janet Pray's bio:

President of American Sewing Expo, Inc.
Owner of Islander Sewing Systems
Executive Director of the National Sewing Council

Janet has an educational background in business and fine art. Self employed since 1981 as a Fiber Artist, Fiber Arts teacher and Sewing Instructor. Ms Pray began her career in the sewing industry creating a unique line of artistic women’s clothing. Her specialties were coats and scarves sold at fine art fairs and boutiques. While creating her clothing line she found that dyeing the fabrics became a passion and added tremendous opportunities for creativity. Janet soon began teaching dyeing and discharge techniques and created the video, “Bleach or Dye”. She also taught industrial sewing techniques developed by her aunt, Margaret Islander.

Janet’s next venture was developing the largest independent sewing expo in the United States, The American Sewing Expo held annually in Novi, Michigan. Soon after that she took over the operations of the Islander Sewing Systems Company. As the owner of this company Janet published several of her most popular patterns from her clothing line and went on to design many more garment patterns all with industrial sewing techniques included in the pattern guides. Ms Pray wrote the book, Islander Sewing Systems and co-authored the popular DVD, Easy Zippers.

Recently Janet’s enthusiasms for the sewing industry lead her to establish The National Sewing Council, a non-profit organization focused on encouraging more people to experience the joy of sewing. Janet serves as the Executive Director for that organization.

To view complete details about the IPCA's Midnight Magic challenge -- be sure to visit the website: Pattern

They just announced that the IPCA will be giving away $2500 worth of door prizes to our attendees who participate in the Passport-vote-for-the-winners Midnight Magic sewing challenge.

It's up to YOU -- OUR FABULOUS SEW EXPO AUDIENCE -- to determine the fan favorite. And YOU COULD BE A BIG WINNER, TOO.

BECAUSE the IPCA will be providing a gift for the first 200 attendees of the Midnight Magic show!! (Sunday -- on the Expo Runway!)

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  1. The final muslin on my entry is completed! Real deal will be cut out on Thursday. Will definitely be done in time. Now, let's hope I actually make the finals :-)
    Laura in Puyallup