Monday, January 23, 2012

Connie Crawford's Classes

Here's the thing.....I asked Connie to send some behind-the-scenes stuff for this blog. And she certainly did!! GREAT JOB, CONNIE.

Connie's three needle and four-needle classes all SOLD OUT on the first day of online registration. That's strictly the power of WORD-OF-MOUTH, ladies. Anybody who has had the privilege of taking a class from Connie knows the depth and breadth of her knowledge....and apparently -- they tell their friends, who tell their friends, and so on...

Last year -- we put her WAY OUT IN THE PAULHAMUS building...It was drizzling that day, and I provided a few ladies with a "ride"....

But Connie is like the Post Office USED TO BE...neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow...shall keep her from her mission. Last fall, she had a very serious back surgery...but there was never a doubt that she'd be teaching at the 2012 Sew Expo!!

If you've taken a class from her -- you know what a HUGE LEARNING CURVE a Connie Crawford class can be...she has provided thousands of avid sewists with their own "AH HAH" moments...

Even though Connie's hands-on classes sold out quickly (remember -- they only seat 30 people) -- you still have the opportunity to get a taste of Connie -- because we DO HAVE ROOM in her One Needle and Two Needle seminars...Here are her 2012 topics...

One Needle Seminars:

#1029 A -- Fitting Sleeves & Armholes

#1030 Princess Seams Are Your Friend

Two needle Seminar:

#2005 Styling Made Easy: Drawing from her 35 years in the fashion industry, Connie will teach you how to draft and make your favorite princess seams, collars and custom necklines. She will illustrate fitting the princess seams as well as removing the gaposis of a neckline and how to match the collar to your necklines. Connie will demonstrate the convertible collar, the 2-piece stand collar, the Peter Pan collar, various necklines with ruffles and flounces. Your handout will be a packet of 1/3 scale patterns and Connie’s extensive notes regarding specific adjustments for your personal needs.

Three Needle Seminar: #3008 Grading: Making Your Pattern Larger or Smaller (sold out)

Four Needle Seminar: #4005 Fitting the Girls (sold out)

How could she miss with a seminar title of "Fitting the Girls"

Thanks, Connie, for playing my new "MEET THE TEACHER" game...

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