Thursday, January 5, 2012

Coats & Clark Pro-Am Charity Event

This is just a reminder..

When you register for the show -- AFTER you have checked out -- you will have the opportunity to go directly to the Mary Bridge website to get a ticket to the Sunday Coats & Clark Pro-Am Charity Event.

Please DO COME to this wonderful, worthwhile event. We are delighted to have some of the biggest names in the sewing industry mentoring our young sewists. Sue Hausmann, Pati Palmer, Martha Pullen -- well -- you get the idea.

Remember -- Mary Bridge Children's Hospital receives every penny of your $10 (suggested donation).

Be sure to print out your "receipt" FROM MARY BRIDGE -- BECAUSE that will actually be your ticket into the event!!

AND YOU WILL HAVE A GREAT TIME...please support Mary Bridge, our young sewing stars-in-the-making...

This year -- instead of goody bags (which some people actually complained about -- yes -- I know it's hard to believe!! THIS IS OUR CHARITY EVENT, PEOPLE!!). We are ramping up the door prizes!!

Coats & Clark, our wonderful sponsor, will provide valuable door prizes -- AND FOR THE FIRST TIME -- we also HAVE BOTH A SEWING MACHINE AND A SERGER as door prizes...!!

Your chance of winning a major door prize at the Charity Event is way better than any lottery or casino game!!

AND TO ADD TO THE FUN -- Coats & Clark is celebrating their 200th anniversary in 2012!! SO THEY WILL BE PROVIDING A FREE GIFT to the first 200 people in the door at the charity event!!

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  1. Three of my 4-H kids will be in the Pro/Am show this year. Two were in it last year (Emily & Tatiana). One is new this year (Ruth). They are working on some amazing outfits.
    So, buy a ticket!!!!!!
    Laura in Puyallup