Monday, December 27, 2010


YES -- IT IS UP. The Registration Brochure is UP on the website.

Please go there and let us know what you think. You can download it as a PDF -- then call your best sewing girlfriends and start to PLAN YOUR SHOW.

So -- heads up Helen and Wendy...

And ALL THE OTHER GIRLFRIEND GROUPS -- like Jan and Bonne -- the Inspired 2 Sew team...
And the YA YA STALKERS...Judy and Chris...

It's time to start plotting your strategy -- what vendors you want to shop...

What sewing celebrities you want to meet...

What new techniques you want to learn...

Make sure you schedule your time at Expo so that you see EVERY SINGLE FASHION SHOW...they happen six times a day on the Expo Runway. The schedule repeats Thursday, Friday and Saturday....(the Fashion Shows are a great chance for you to sit in a comfy chair and relax between shopping sprees!!)
Here's a tip -- if you have any trouble getting the PDF of the Registration Brochure to open properly -- be sure you are using Internet Explorer as your browser.

ONLINE REGISTRATION will begin in January...keep checking back on this blog for the exact date...


  1. Woo hoo! Thank you SO MUCH for putting the brochure online! This year is going to be AMAZING!

  2. Wonderful work ladies, the brochure is amazing. Getting excited !!!!!!!!!!11

  3. Already requested the time off from work!

  4. Hello, Small problem in the Brochure, 3 Needle Seminars, page 24. Seminars 3015 and 3016 individual class numbers are switched around. Will this affect our registrations? Lynn

  5. A couple of questions. Can you still send your order in or do you have to order only online? The brochure doesn't include an order form. Are you still going to mail the brochures out? Also, the brochure doesn't include the price of admission, either when ordering early or at the door. It would be nice to have that info too.

  6. The admission is $12 at the door. That information is on the registration page of the brochure, which we deliberately did not post on the website because we thought it would be confusing. can still send your order in, but many classes will already be sold out.

  7. I've got a few qs.Is the room for 1054B still to be allocated? It's 'pants fitting from you'. I'm also wanting to know about seminar 3015 individual class number. If there's a sewing machine pic, does this mean the machine is supplied? Thanks for your feedback.

  8. For specific class questions, please email Ann Sagawa --


  9. Oh Rita that picture of Helen and I fills my heart. Thank you for putting it up. So far we are planning on coming.

  10. Wendy -- I'VE LOST YOUR EMAIL. SO MANY PEOPLE ask about you and Helen. I am DELIGHTED ya'll are coming. Please send me your email