Monday, December 20, 2010

Registration Brochure

I know you're busy getting ready for Christmas...OF COURSE YOU ARE. That's exactly what you SHOULD BE DOING...

But here at Expo Central -- we've been working day and night to get the Registration Brochure ready. There are sooo many details. Of course, we want every page to be absolutely correct...but, really, at some point -- DONE is better than PERFECT...

Anyway -- as you celebrate your Christmas holiday -- remember that on MONDAY -- December 27th -- we'll put the Registration Brochure up on the web site.

Now -- TO BE VERY CLEAR -- you will NOT BE ABLE TO REGISTER for classes at that time.

Registration will not begin until January -- after we've opened the ticket office. (I'll put up the exact date on this blog -- as soon as they tell me.)

BUT -- on December 27 -- you will be able to "Print" a copy of the Registration Brochure. You'll be able to read about the classes, the teachers, the events. You'll be able to figure out your schedule and PLAN YOUR EXPO ADVENTURE...get together with your girlfriends, decide who's going to do what this year...

This will be our first year for online registration -- and we expect a learning curve.

Remember -- if you want to attend events and/or classes WITH A FRIEND OR A GROUP -- the best way to insure everybody getting tickets is to REGISTER WITH ONE CREDIT CARD.

One person would go online, and with their credit card, put the correct number of "tickets" in her shopping cart -- and your group should be good....

So -- have a wonderful Christmas. Then, start to plan for the 2011 Sewing & Stitchery Expo -- because we are gonna ROCK THE HOUSE...

Heads up -- if you have any trouble reading the PDF of the Registration Brochure -- make sure you are using INTERNET EXPLORER... (instead of Mozilla Firefox) our trial runs, Explorer worked better...



  1. I'm so excited, coming from "Down Under" to attend, can't wait until the 27th.

    I would like to wish all the hard workers a very Merry Xmas and hope you are managing to have some down time.

  2. Sharon beat me to it...but I am sooooooo excited to be coming over! Can't wait for the brochure. Here's hoping we don't get too exhausted. :)

  3. Woohoo!!! Got to start planning the Expo Yahoo Groups Wednesday dinner!

  4. Yipee. I'm just hanging out for the brochure. The best part will be choosing the classes to do. It will be worth the flight from Oz. Bring it on:)