Monday, September 6, 2010

Luveta Nickels

THE best part of my job is writing this blog -- which means going back to review some of my favorite shots. I am ALWAYS telling you how hard our sewing stars work. And here's one of my favorites -- Luveta Nickels -- the Junk Jeans girl. Luveta does over 40 shows or events a year. Do you know she uses EXPO as her deadline to make ALL NEW SAMPLES every year for her booth?

AND -- for 2010 -- because we had a "recycled jeans day" on Friday -- Luveta was the first person I called. She jumped in with both feet -- and we used her booth AND the Schmetz booth -- for our jeans ladies to sign up for DOOR PRIZES. Here's a picture of just a few of the inspired recycled-jeans-audience...

Many of you stopped by her booth to have your picture taken -- and sign up for the door prize that day...

AND -- if I had the proper computer skills (sorry -- I don't) -- I could do an entire slide show of Luveta participating in our Charity Events. She has participated every single year -- and is ALWAYS the first to sign up.

Including NEXT YEAR. For 2011, Luveta will be one of our Sewing Star mentors -- I'll be writing more about our exciting Sunday event in the next e-newsletter. The young sewing enthusiast who gets Luveta Nickels as an advisor is lucky indeed!!


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