Monday, August 2, 2010

Totebag challenge?

Here's a picture of our Dynamic Duo -- Jan Potter and Bonne Swett. They have done an awesome job this summer with my NEW YORK CITY sewing challenge over at the Rita's Sew Fun blog. Here they are -- backstage at the Coats & Clark Pink & Red Fashion Show:

Of course, they are the MASTERS of matching tote bags. Here's a picture of the hey Rita tote step-sister totes...

Of course, I have done entire MOVIES with the Hey Rita she is, exhausted, backstage during the fashion show...

Here's my question. Would ya'll be interested in a tote challenge for next year? Last year, the recycled denim challenge was great fun -- and I thought maybe we could mix it up a bit and for 2011 -- have a day when we'd all carry our OWN TOTES??

Let me know what you're thinking. yes, I know it's hard to post a comment on this blog -- just email me directly:

And BE SURE TO CHECK OUT the latest creations from Jan & Bonne over at the Rita's Sew Fun blog.

Last week, I posted pictures of the FIRST PART of their challenge -- the gorgeous floral knit rom Mood Fabrics. I only leave their finished projects up for ONE WEEK...and today, I'm posting the pictures of what they did with the "Statue of Liberty" shawls I sent them. I CAN HARDLY WAIT..!!

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  1. TOTE BAGS - WAY FUN!!!! LOVE IT!!!! YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!
    Laura in Puyallup