Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Eleanor Burns

It is hard for me to believe that Eleanor Burns has never been to Expo!!

I took this picture of the Friday class -- do you see yourself?

Often, I took pictures from the back of the room...

I thought it would be fun to have the audience hold up their "Eleanor Totes"..

If only my people in Iowa would learn to do EXACTLY WHAT I ASK THEM TO DO...!!

THANKS for coming, Eleanor!! You brought an exciting new element to the 2010 Sewing & Stitchery EXPO. It was all joy...

I just received 1600 PHOTOGRAPHS from the official camp photographer -- London Dewey. and the pictures of Quilter's Night Out are phenomenal. Baby Lock gave away TWO Espire sewing machines that night! And I hope to interview BOTH LUCKY WINNERS in future posts...

Hey -- going to Expo is better than buying a lottery ticket! You NEVER KNOW when you're going to win the sewing machine of your dreams!!

Thanks for coming, Eleanor -- and THANKS for sponsoring Quilter's Night Out, Baby Lock!!

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