Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pink Sisters

Okay -- on the very first day of the show -- I got a glimpse of this group...and I asked them to pose for a picture. As we visited, I made some notes (which have not turned up yet)...but, as I recall -- this was the very FIRST TIME these sisters had done anything like this. They came from all different parts of the country to attend the Sewing & Stitchery EXPO. Maybe one of them lives in the area...but I think one sister lives in Alaska??

Hey -- not being able to find my notebook with the proper information -- shouldn't keep me from using these GREAT PICTURES, eh?? Who knows? Maybe one of the Pink Lady Sisters will be reading this blog -- and she'll set me straight... I love what their shirts said...because it is SOOO TRUE...

If YOU WERE ON A SISTER TRIP to Expo -- please send me your story. With pictures, names, what you did, where you stayed, etc.

AND -- HEY -- if you ARE one of the Pink Ladies -- EMAIL ME!! (ritafar@aol.com)

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