Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Yes, people -- IT TAKES A VILLAGE. The work on Sew Expo goes on every single day of the year. Really. You have no idea....

Right now, for example, Ann Sagawa, the Education Manager -- is working long hours on the new online "Speaker Application".

This is my best picture of Ann from last year's show...it was our set-up day...and she arrived at 6:30 AM so she could make sure the pre-show classrooms had HEAT (they did not)

Every year, we welcome new vendors and speakers...

Our loyal fans ARE ALWAYS looking for something they haven't seen or done before!!

They love it when there's a new classroom space...

I am being sarcastic, of course. Change is inevitable. But sometimes it's hard. And we are ALWAYS changing...
I will be announcing many changes about Sew Expo in this blog. Some of them affect the attendees -- others affect the speakers or the vendors. Every change we make is about IMPROVING THE SHOW...
And it really does take a village. Ann and Janet and Dana (and I don't know who all) have been working to develop an organized, user-friendly, online "speaker application". This will be a HUGE IMPROVEMENT -- and will allow our speakers -- new and old -- from all over the world -- to submit their class ideas with a stroke of their keyboard.
The biggest change for our attendees will be that they'll be able to see pictures of their speakers, read their bios, and even SEE A PHOTO OF THE PROJECT!
Since many speakers follow this blog -- GET READY!! Because there's a new day dawning... Be sure to keep checking the website to see when the neew speaker application system is "UP". We're looking forward to seeing your 2013 class topics and workshop ideas. It's going to be the BEST SEW EXPO EVER..!!


  1. Got to keep evolving! Who wants to see the same old same old stuff every year :-) I am TOTALLY EXCITED to see what new things happen next year!
    Laura in Puyallup

  2. THANKS, Laura!! TOTALLY EXCITED is exactly what we're going for!!