Monday, March 26, 2012

Are you recovered??

Rhonda Pierce from Schmetz Needles did an AMAZING JOB as our first official "Facebook Hostess". This picture is of Rhonda with her brand new Ipad and Ann Sagawa -- (who was the official "first I-pad buyer" on her block). Ann loves ALL-THINGS-APPLE...and these two were excited about the whole "share the show on Facebook" concept.

On Wednesday, the set-up day -- I was minding my own business when I received this very unexpected gift. FROM ALASKA, NO LESS...

Wow. There was FABRIC IN THE BAG, TOO -- and, oh -- did I forget to mention the food? Are you kidding me? SALMON STICKS?? In the future, I am going to try harder to suck up to people who have access to ALL-THINGS-SALMON. Pretty darn delicious, I'm telling you!!

On Opening Day -- one of the first people I bump into was Cathy Swenson. One of our fine CTA's -- Cathy opens her beautiful sewing studio every week so that young sewing enthusiasts can come, create, and learn something from the more experienced sewing veterans...

Cathy will be honored in April as Pierce County's "volunteer of the year" -- and I think there's going to be a ceremony -- maybe a dinner??

I'm sure it will be FULL OF HER FANS...and if I lived within 300 miles -- I WOULD BE THERE.

You deserve every honor they can dish out, Cathy. You are what Sew Expo is all about. You love sewing and you have always gone that extra mile to SHARE that love. You volunteer your time and you give of yourself...we are soooo lucky to have you on our team!!

Rhonda just posted a lovely big slide show on the Schmetz needles blog from the 2012 Sew sure to go there to see if you can see yourself.

My own pictures are still a jumble...WHICH is why it took me three hours to write this time I thought I had a picture that would fit into my train of thought...something very different came up.

This picture mess is like trying to bake a cake -- but all the ingredients are mis-labeled....I want salt but I get sugar. The cinnamon looks just like the cayenne pepper. And baking powder is actually Ajax...

But I have not given up. I have narrowed the problem down to 300 pictures that seem to be overlapping. Or flip-flopping. Or morphing.


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