Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy Chanukkah!!

Well, OF COURSE WE GOT AN EMAIL....because when I said "Merry Christmas" offended a Jewish attendee who does not celebrate Christmas..

I am so sorry.

So -- please know that Happy Holidays is what I really meant to say...

Chanukkah started yesterday and goes for 8 days...and I certainly hope it is a joyful celebration for you.

I am sorry if anybody took offense because I was not "inclusive". My point was simply that many of us enjoy our hobby of sewing so much at this time of the year because we are making gifts for the people we love. AND that started me thinking about gifts we give ourselves...which led me to say SEW EXPO IS A GREAT GIFT.

I've learned a LOT MORE ABOUT CHANUKKAH in the last day or so -- my understanding is that giving gifts is not a big part of the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah -- but I still say -- GIVE YOURSELF THE GIFT OF SEW EXPO..!!

HAPPY HANUKKAH TO our Jewish sewing sisters!! OF COURSE we are looking forward to seeing you at the show -- and we would love to hear about your Chanukkah sewing traditions.

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  1. Well, I'M offended when you say Happy Holidays. But who CARES about the people that would like you to say Merry Christmas, since that's what MOST of america celebrates. I'm thinking that you can say whatever you like. If I am offended, that is MY problem. It's a free country with free speech, at least last time I checked. If you want to say Happy Hanukkah, or Merry Christmas it's your choice. I am the one that needs to keep my "offense" to myself.
    Merry Christmas ladies. :-)