Monday, November 7, 2011

The Heart of Expo

Laura is a wonderful example of what Sew Expo is all about. She won a hot pink sequins sweater at Friday Night LIVE (Mary and I were giving out tacky door prizes) -- and in the true SPIRIT OF CREATIVITY -- she made this...

She recently wrote me...

Hi Rita,

So, you want "sister" Expo stories. Well, how about mom/daughter instead :-) My mom (Charlotte Lee) and I have been to every Sew Expo except the first one (and one year she was sick). We started out going just one day and shopping. Even when I worked the Fabricland booth, we always had one day for just the two of us to do Expo.

We then started adding two seminars to our day. In 2006, Mom and I joined CTA, and our Expo world changed. We now go to Expo every day, but still only have one day just for us. We spend Wednesday helping with the fashion show prep. Thursday/Friday we shop or attend seminars in the morning and are fashion show dressers in the afternoon. Saturday is still our play day. That's when we see everything and maybe do a seminar or two. On Sunday, we go to the charity event and then do seminar room hosting in the afternoon.

We also did Pacific Fabrics Thursday night, Friday Nite Live, and Quilters Nite Out. And, of course, we now do the Annual Sew Expo Yahoo Groups Wednesday Night Dinner :-)

Here's another Expo story. Through the Yahoo Groups, I have made several new friends. One of my favorites is Anna from Albequerque, NM. We have become very good friends, even though we only see each other once a year. We do communicate with each other all the time.

You can't use up creativity; the more you use, the more you have.


You are EXACTLY what Sew Expo is all about, Laura. Thanks for taking the time to write -- and for being such a huge fan -- always having that wonderful energy and smile -- YOU are the reason there is a Sew Expo.

SO THE REST OF YOU -- take a lesson from Laura. CALL YOUR SISTER, YOUR MOM, YOUR GIRLFRIEND -- mark your calendars -- the countdown has begun.

March 1-4......SEE YOU AT THE SHOW, LAURA!!


  1. Awww!!! That's me!
    Laura in Puyallup

  2. Maybe we can get Anna to tell her Expo story - who attends with her and what they do afterwards. It's rather neat :-)
    Laura in Puyallup

  3. Oh, gosh. Hmmm. Will ponder. Anna.

  4. Laura was a great hostes to the three of us Aussies who made our way to Puyallup this year. Thanks heaps Laura.

  5. Okay, you got my attention. I am checking my schedule for next year!! But I have a question : Where did you get the Pink Moose!!! My favorite color is Pink!! and everyone at the Quilted Cottage in Saginaw Michigan know me as the "Moose lady" !! I love Moose!! The pink one is gorgeous. In fact, My son lives in Denver, and when I went to visit him recently, he took me up in the mountains right after they had their first 7 inches of snow to see the Moose. At one time, he thought I had a mental problem because I love moose.I really love the pink moose!!