Tuesday, June 8, 2010

EXPO BABY & Friday Night LIVE

Remember Ashlee? I wrote about her last year in one of the e-newsletters -- she is truly our EXPO baby...as her Mom (Tanya) came to the 2009 show when she was 9 months pregnant. (in a wheelchair)...and Ashlee was born on the 4th day of the show. (right?)

At any rate -- she is our unofficial EXPO BABY and she is also officially the CUTEST MODEL we ever had...Although, Ashlee didn't seem to understand she was on a RAISED STAGE...and she was a very fast crawler!!

I've gotta say -- Tanya was very laid back about the whole thing...

I seem to be screaming, "KEEP THE BABY AWAY FROM THE EDGE!!"

Ashlee was a total professional...even though it was 100 degrees up there...wow...she is sooo beautiful...

THANKS AGAIN for being our baby model, Ashlee!! I know the pay sucked -- but I hope you are enjoying your recycled blue jeans AND the little sock monkey doll. It's the least we could do...
Thanks for everything, Tanya -- we can hardly wait to see Ashlee NEXT year!


  1. Thanks Rita! We enjoyed ourselves tremendously and look forward to next year! Ashlee is now walking up a storm! And of course got lots of wear from her recycled jeans before she outgrew them and summer arrived!

  2. HEY, TANYA! Thanks for the comment. We are all looking forward to seeing Ashlee NEXT year..!!