Monday, December 17, 2012

Only 8 Days Until Christmas

Christmas is just ONE WEEK AWAY. We decided that maybe you have WAY MORE IMPORTANT THINGS to worry about this seeing the 2013 Registration Brochure for the first time shouldn't really be such a big deal, eh?

Sorry for the false alarm, people. Believe me -- you were not the only one who went to the Sew Expo website this morning, excited about seeing the Registration Brochure. I'm not sure what happened -- but as soon as I know -- I'll put it here so you will know, too.

But I was delighted to hear from so many of you this morning (yes, this is sarcasm)...and it is unfortunate that I had previously published my personal cellphone number. ugh.

If I had a picture of the new cover, I WOULD POST IT HERE. So sorry....

As soon as I know what's going on -- I'll let you know. Believe me -- THE BROCHURE IS READY TO GO -- I know that -- I've seen it. So it's probably just a snafu with the web master...maybe he missed the memo....


Thanks for the calls and emails....

Hello! So excited that it will soon be Expo time once again. My daughter Danielle Dahm, granddaughter Ciara Dahm, and my self have attended for many years. Ciara will be 21 on Feb. 26 and has been attending with us since she was 10. Last year she missed as she is at WSU and missed the timing. This year she is attending with us. I am going to add a photo of us (my hubby always takes a photo before we leave for Expo) that he took the year the Charity event was the red/pink theme... Happy Sewing! Sharon Bosser


  1. When will the registration form be available?

  2. The 2013 Registration Brochure was supposed to be posted on the website today, December 17th -- but as a PDF only. (I have not been told when that will actually happen.)

    Remember -- the actual online registration will not be live until the first week in January.