Thursday, July 19, 2012

2013 Sewing & Stitchery Expo

You know how amused I am by a good "shoe shot". So -- any guesses about who this foot belongs to?

Yes -- that's me in the sensible sandal. With buckles, even.  One purple big toe, four bright red...
But who is the mystery foot??

Just in case you don't understand how OUTSTANDING this foot is -- here's a close-up. Yes, they are VERY high heels. And even more remarkable -- A TATOO..!!
The beautiful young blonde -- on the right -- Kelly Newell -- is the owner of the tatooed foot. She runs the WSU conference office. AND she has some very colorful tattoos. Not just on her foot..(I don't know what that means)

Kelly -- with Janet York -- work on 40 conferences throughout the year.
Believe it or not, the Sewing and Stitchery Expo is NOT THEIR ONLY SHOW....

Taking a little break during our planning meeting -- Kelly with Joanne Ross, the Chair
of the Sewing & Stitchery Expo. 
We have many wonderful things planned for the 2013 show. Although I can't make the major announcements until contracts are signed -- believe me -- YOU SHOULD MARK YOUR CALENDARS for the 2013 show. February 28-March 3, 2013. BE THERE. It's going to be AMAZING.

One of the things I can tell you is that we are happy to announce that Mary Bridge Children's Hospital will be the recipient of all the money we raise at our Sunday Charity Event. AND -- the event itself is going to be VERY, VERY DIFFERENT from anything we've ever done before. I'll give you a hint...there WILL BE bloggers involved....and another hint...there WILL BE television cameras in the room...

All over the country (DARE I SAY -- the WORLD??) the finest sewing speakers and teachers are working on their class descriptions for next year's Sew Expo. It is exciting to see what they're bringing to the show -- and you are going to have the BEST TIME EVER.

Hummm...what can I tell you? Would you believe Tom Cruise is going to be filming his next movie on the Fairgrounds during the show?

Maybe I could tell you Oprah is planning to launch her comeback at Sew Expo...

Okay...just kidding.

We don't want Tom -- and we don't need Oprah.

We want the #1 headliner for any consumer sewing show in America.

Drumroll........the one, the only......the incomparable.......most recognized and beloved woman in the sewing world...... NANCY ZIEMAN...!! 
A picture of Nancy, teaching at Quilt Market...maybe...
I tried to find some Nancy pictures that would be new to NANCY...
Nancy will be bringing all-new-classes -- and as soon as she tells me -- I will tell YOU.

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  1. Rita!

    Great news, great teasers! We're already planning for 2013! Have just started a blog myself.....still working out some "features".

    Anna N (aka CraftyTravelFrog)