Monday, April 23, 2012

Stretch Leopard Pants??

Okay -- it's just possible that you have NEVER seen this picture. I think it was at the 2010 Sew Expo. Remember the "Pink & Red" Coats & Clark charity event? I think this just might be the goofiest thing I ever made...

The pink and red motif was so garish -- I decided to tone it down with some leopard...shockingly -- what you're looking at here is actually STRETCH VELVET leopard pants...

Sorry -- there's no point to me posting this picture. None at all. I'm just delighted when I'm able to upload any I've decided THE YEAR DOES NOT MATTER...I enjoyed seeing this old picture of myself -- so I went looking for some pictures of YOU..
I think this is one of the MOST CREATIVE OUTFITS I've ever seen. Great job, you...It's also a picture from the 2012 show!! But don't get your hopes up...

Wonderful picture of Sharon in the Pacific Fabrics booth!!
Do you see yourself in this balmy shot? Maybe 2009??

Yes, this is one of the hot CTA's!! Connie is a fabric shopping babe!!
And WHO COULD FORGET the Mark Lipinski "Quilter's Night OUT"?? I cannot remember any other speaker who created such a fervor!! He stayed on the stage for a long time, signing autographs.

Mark is waiting for a kidney transplant...and I keep up with him via Facebook. He is busier than a one-armed paper hanger....does his internet radio show every Wednesday...

WE LOVED MARK. And you will be delighted with the special talent we've lined up for the 2013 Quilter's Night OUT.

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