Monday, May 9, 2011

Spring Quilt Market

This week, I leave for the Spring Quilt Market -- which was in Minneapolis last year. I was working in the Schmetz booth -- here's Rhonda Pierce, the Marketing Director for Schmetz needles...

This year -- Spring market is in Salt Lake City!!

It is always so much fun for me to run into friends from Puyallup -- like Sharon Stoffel from Pacific Fabrics!! We usually hook up for breakfast at the hotel....or maybe lunch at the show...

It's fun to walk the show to see if there's anything new -- last year I discovered the FLOOR MAT GIRLS...did you take their class? It quickly sold out -- next year we'll move them to a much bigger room!!

Here I am, sitting on Amy Butler's sofa -- waiting for an appointment? Worried about missing lunch? Hoping the show is about to close for the day?
Or -- NOT WANTING TO BE LATE FOR MY DATE with handsome Simon!! It's always fun to see what new stuff he'll be bringing to Puyallup...

And, of course, my sister Deb is always GREEN WITH ENVY. Simon is her hero -- and she even took a class from him this year.

Maybe next year, Deb will actually get a chance to COME TO THE SHOW!! We're talking about putting together a "sister's trip" -- and SEw Expo would be a GREAT PLACE for us to kick it off!!

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