Monday, April 11, 2011

Denise Holquin Interview

This is a picture of Denise Holquin, managing editor of Designs in Machine Embroidery magazine -- sitting in the VERY LAST ROW of the Friday Night LIVE audience...yes, I wasn't a GREAT seat...

But it was a GREAT SHOW -- and the next day, Denise did this fabulous interview with me...which I just never get tired of watching...

THANKS for coming to the show, Denise -- and thanks, too, for the great interview and publicity.

Remember -- NEXT YEAR -- we need Eileen to come to Puyallap and do an embroidery fasion show..


  1. This is a GREAT Video interview so Rita was she interviewing you...or you interviewing her? LOVED IT!! GREAT!

  2. Dear Connie,

    you are such a smart-aleck!! but then -- we already knew that!!
    thanks for reading, babe...