Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Do You "LIKE' Schmetz??

Rhonda Pierce, from Schmetz Needles, was our Sew Expo Facebook Hostess. And now she needs our help...
Rhonda became such a big fan of Facebook -- she decided to start a page for Schmetz Needles.
So -- in the interest of supporting the FINEST SEWING MACHINE NEEDLE on the face of the earth -- go to the Facebook page and "LIKE" the page. While you're at it -- if you leave a comment, letting Schmetz know what your "favorite needle" is -- YOU COULD WIN A PRIZE..!!
That's right. Post a comment and you are eligible to win a Schmetz Gift Box!! ($25 value) RHONDA NEEDS YOU....I NEED YOU....go there now...Schmetz Facebook Page

Monday, April 23, 2012

Stretch Leopard Pants??

Okay -- it's just possible that you have NEVER seen this picture. I think it was at the 2010 Sew Expo. Remember the "Pink & Red" Coats & Clark charity event? I think this just might be the goofiest thing I ever made...

The pink and red motif was so garish -- I decided to tone it down with some leopard...shockingly -- what you're looking at here is actually STRETCH VELVET leopard pants...

Sorry -- there's no point to me posting this picture. None at all. I'm just delighted when I'm able to upload any I've decided THE YEAR DOES NOT MATTER...I enjoyed seeing this old picture of myself -- so I went looking for some pictures of YOU..
I think this is one of the MOST CREATIVE OUTFITS I've ever seen. Great job, you...It's also a picture from the 2012 show!! But don't get your hopes up...

Wonderful picture of Sharon in the Pacific Fabrics booth!!
Do you see yourself in this balmy shot? Maybe 2009??

Yes, this is one of the hot CTA's!! Connie is a fabric shopping babe!!
And WHO COULD FORGET the Mark Lipinski "Quilter's Night OUT"?? I cannot remember any other speaker who created such a fervor!! He stayed on the stage for a long time, signing autographs.

Mark is waiting for a kidney transplant...and I keep up with him via Facebook. He is busier than a one-armed paper hanger....does his internet radio show every Wednesday...

WE LOVED MARK. And you will be delighted with the special talent we've lined up for the 2013 Quilter's Night OUT.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Happy Expo Memories!!

Yes, I know it is a huge disappointment that I haven't posted a new blog for the last couple of weeks. I got so frustrated with the 1600 pictures -- I put them aside for awhile. AND I've been busy working on NEXT YEAR'S SHOW. We have some exciting things in the works. Like -- maybe a "Sewing Blog Tour" -- THAT would be fun, eh??

Anyway -- here's a picture of a beautiful young girl in a turquoise dress on the runway Sunday morning at the Coats & Clark Pro-Am Sewing Exhibition...

No -- wait -- when I "rotated" that picture -- it instantly morphed into this picture of my sister Deb -- at Pike Place Market...
THIS picture of Luveta -- with one of the Midwest Ya Ya Sister Stalkers -- Chris -- turned out GREAT. And it's exactly what I thought it would be...

Barbara at the Mary Bridge mountain of pillowcases...
And this picture -- of Lynn Browne on the stage at the Coats & Clark charity wait...WHERE DID THIS PICTURE COME FROM???

Sue -- from Australia...those girls had way too much fun!!

You'll want to mark your calendar for NEXT year, Sue -- because it's going to be an even bigger and better show!!

Keep watching this blog for announcements about the 2013 Sew Expo!! In the meantime, I'll continue to upload the 2012 surprise photos for your amusement...

Monday, April 2, 2012

2012 Sew Expo's "HOTTEST' Class the 2012 Sew Expo is now a fond memory. All that planning..all that work....all those hundreds of teachers and speakers and vendors coming together...and the thousands of attendees....

and it's OVER. Those are the fastest four days of the year. Honestly -- it's worse than Christmas.
So -- are you wondering what was 'THE HOT CLASS" for 2012? I'll tell you -- hands down -- it was "Fitting the “Girls” by Connie Crawford. It was one of our four-needle pre-show classes offered on Wednesday only.

Here's the description:

Using your personal measurements and cup sizes, learn the art of fitting a pattern for various cup sizes. Connie will demonstrate the different drapes needed to make the various cup sizes(A/B, C/D.DD, and F/G cups) and armholes to create a perfect custom blouse. Using finished sewn shells, Connie will fit each attendee for their personal fit. Connie will also demonstrate how to use this custom blouse pattern to style any blouse, shirt, dress, jacket or vest.

HOLY COW!! The response to this class caught us totally off guard. We had noooo idea it would be such a hot ticket. Because our four-needle classes are limited to 30 students, they usually sell out quickly. But this class SOLD OUT within minutes of the online registration opening...

Here are some of Connie's very happy students. Lucky, lucky girls, eh??

The class is just starting and everybody is already clapping?? What's that about??

I was trying to take pictures (for this blog) -- and Connie wanted to show me how great she looks -- because she's lost 25 pounds (since her very serious back surgery in December)

I'm pretty sure everybody was smiling because I sincerely told Connie how happy we all were about her weight loss.