Monday, April 25, 2011

Letter from Bates

I hope ya'll had a nice EASTER. Things are beginning to pop for next year's show...many exciting thing things are starting to happen...after the last post, about the sewing program at Bates, I received this email:
Dear Rita,

I am so proud of my students at Bates Technical College. All of the garment patterns in the fashion show were altered to their measurements prior to cutting and constructing. Adults shy away from sewing for themselves because the sizing chart for commercial patterns is nowhere near their measurements and nothing fits. It only takes a few easy alterations and like magic, the clothes fit real bodies. We also stress the garment construction needs to look professional enough to be marketable.

Sewing is gaining popularity again and let’s hope that this need is recognized by our local schools, technical colleges, community colleges, and universities. It is critical for anyone desiring to be a fashion designer and attend a fashion school that they have basic sewing skills. The fashion industry is also recognizing the need to offer customized garments for all types of body shapes in addition to the “standard sizes” of yesterday.

For those individuals wishing to be successful in the fashion business; whether it is customized sewing, alterations, designing or merchandizing, it is critical to know your craft inside and out. Education from trained instructors is the best resource for this.

Sew on that note, the Bates students will continue to stitch straight ahead to fight for their sewing program.

Ryliss J. Bod
Fashion Construction and Design Instructor
Bates Technical College

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bates Technical -- SAVE THE PROGRAM!!

Bates Technical put on a wonderful fashion show -- remember?? here's some behind the scenes pictures...

Ryiss Bod sent me a link to an article that was written about the sewing program. Please share the news with your friends, students and anybody who has a passion for sewing. Please go to the following link.


Monday, April 18, 2011

Behind the Scenes of FNL

Do you see yourself in this audience? From Friday Night LIVE -- Nancy Zieman is about to start the show...

After working in the Baby Lock booth all day, Nancy rushed backstage to spend a frenzied hour or so doing the sound check and getting her many samples unpacked and in the proper order...

Then, I had my bad moment -- I realized none of us had time to eat lunch -- and now we're going to miss supper as well. So I hit the snack bar...but it was SLIM PICKINS...

As hungry as we all were -- stale beef jerky was not the answer. I'd have to be on a desert island, starving to death before I'd take another bite of this shoe leather...

So now you know how Nancy Zieman stays so slim and trim. NOBODY FEEDS HER!!

HEY -- if you are experiencing withdrawals during my Rita-blog-break -- I'm sending you to one of my favorite sewing blogs - Nancy Zieman's.

AND -- here's another benefit. Nancy recently put up ALL THE EPISODES from Sewing With Nancy!! So you can go to the internet now and watch Nancy's shows to your hearts content!!

I'm trying to learn how to link to OTHER SEWING blogs to help promote the show, and, of course, the bigger issue -- OUR LOVE OF SEWING...!!

So -- if you have a favorite sewing blog you follow -- please let me know!! Send me an email -- with a link and why you like it!

THANKS, NANCY...Great Job on Friday Night LIVE -- and THANKS, too, for putting all your episodes of Sewing with Nancy online!

TOTALLY FREE,'s another picture of YOU...waiting to get into the FNL event..

We're working on the 2012 Sewing & Stitchery Expo -- so if you have any ideas or special requests -- SEND THEM TO ME...

Monday, April 11, 2011

Denise Holquin Interview

This is a picture of Denise Holquin, managing editor of Designs in Machine Embroidery magazine -- sitting in the VERY LAST ROW of the Friday Night LIVE audience...yes, I wasn't a GREAT seat...

But it was a GREAT SHOW -- and the next day, Denise did this fabulous interview with me...which I just never get tired of watching...

THANKS for coming to the show, Denise -- and thanks, too, for the great interview and publicity.

Remember -- NEXT YEAR -- we need Eileen to come to Puyallap and do an embroidery fasion show..

Monday, April 4, 2011

Planning for 2012

2011 was a GREAT SHOW. You came, you shopped, you attended classes, you enjoyed the special events and YOU SENT ME AN EMAIL!! LOL...HEY -- thanks for BEING THERE.

THANKS for sewing over 2300 pillowcases for the sick children of Mary Bridge...As we move into the planning stages for the 2012 show -- we just HAVE to do the pillowcase challenge again, don't you think?
But it does get more difficult to "top ourselves" every year. If you attended the Quilter's Night Out -- you know what an inspirational evening it was with Ricky Tims. I don't think I'll ever forget that night...

We know how much you ALL look forward to the Sewing & Stitchery Expo -- here are two best friends, Helen and Wendy. Remember their story? They met when their kids were in preschool -- sewing brought them together. Now, Wendy comes to Puyallup every year all the way from North Carolina (I might be putting her in the wrong Eastern state?)...
Any ideas for next year's show? Here I am, on Sunday afternoon, having a chat with one of our BRAND NEW VENDORS -- Kwik-Sew. This was their first year at Sew Expo -- and they were very impressed!!

So -- what can they do for 2012? Maybe they'll teach some new classes? Have a challenge? Sponsor a style show? Their kids patterns are so awesome...hummm...

Believe me -- ALREADY IT STARTS!! We are planning next year's show right now, even as you read this...

I'll keep you posted!!