Tuesday, February 2, 2010

One-Needle Classes YOU SHOULD TAKE

Here's the deal. For several years, the seminar ticket sales for our 45-minute seminars have been declining. I know -- it's SHOCKING. Especially since these classes only cost $5 if you buy your ticket in advance. And especially since the finest teachers come from all over the world -- to bring you their newest and latest projects, patterns, techniques and samples.

I know, I know -- you already registered for your Sew Expo classes...and it seems like a lot of trouble to go back to your Registration Brochure....Even though we list the "sold out" classes on the website, it's a bit of work to figure out what classes still have room available. And maybe you're thinking "all the good classes are already full".

NOT SO FAST.....MANY wonderful classes still have seats available. This morning, Ann sent me this list. These are the classes YOU CAN STILL GET INTO...We still have SEATS AVAILABLE in these Saturday one-needle classes....

TAKE A GOOD LOOK....every speaker on this list has worked for a whole year to put together a great class for you -- and WE'D LIKE TO DELIVER A SOLD OUT CLASS.....

Sandra Betzina -- Power Sewing Bloopers
Dana Bontrager -- Ink Blot Printing on Fabric
Kathleen Brown -- Focal Fabric Fun
Kathleen Cheetham -- Wardrobe in a Week
June Colburn -- Japanese Design Basics for Quilters
Barbara Crawford -- Nuno Felting
Lee Fletcher -- Embroidery on Knits
M'Liss Hawley -- Be a Better Quilter
Lorraine Henry -- Altering a "Not So Basic" Pattern
Debra Justice -- Introduction to Heirloom Sewing
Sandra Miller -- Life Moves On -- Has Your Wardrobe Kept up?
Mary Mulari -- Hot and Cold Coverups -- Mary's Top Ten Aprons and Sweatshirts
Luveta Nickels -- Grommets Gone Wild!
Rhonda Pierce -- Schmetz Designer Portfolio
Vaunce Pierce (new speaker) -- Smocking! Smocking!
Cecelia Podolak -- Sewing the Classic Shirt
Janet Pray -- the Stitching Line
Kathy Ruddy -- Fast and Accurate Ways to Sew, Darts, Zippers, Pockets and Hems
Susan Schrempf -- Silk Ribbon Embroidery by Machine and More
Debbie Torgerson -- Boutique Sewing For Kids

How would you sign up? Easy. Send an email to: sewexpotickets@wsu.edu

Tell them what you want -- and be sure to include your name and phone number so they can call you back. (do NOT put your credit card number in the email)


  1. What a great way to let us know what's available.

    Just checked my schedule and many of these classes I am already signed up for. For Saturday, I only have two slots open for classes, all the rest are booked. Somewhere in there I need to have lunch and shopping. Seven classes for Saturday seems like a full day. I have to be able to process what I am taking in. :) I hope more people can take some of these great classes.


  2. GOOD job, Carol! If you're already taking seven classes on Saturday -- you are OFF THE HOOK. Let's hope some other people follow your great example!! THANKS...rita

  3. Yikes, Rita! I just added 4 free style shows to my schedule after your post yesterday. I wondered if I had any room for any more classes! I'm coming all four days, and got into the 12 one-needle classes and the 1 (Mary Mulari's) two-needle class I wanted. Also I thought I'd have to hunt these classes down in the brochure! Well! For you others who hurried to sign up, you might not have noticed, as I didn't: The classes are all IN ORDER by the speakers' last names!! SO... it was easy to find the ones you mentioned, and I'm signing up for two more 1-needle classes! Thanks for the urge!

    Your Iowa friend,
    DT in Tacoma

  4. YOU ARE MY HERO...!! And taking 12 classes should win you some kind of reward.

    THANKS, DT...!!

  5. This will be my 25 year attending. I am going all 4 days, have 23 1 needle classes and 1 2 needle class as well ad the Pink and Red Fashion Show. And the Wednesday class I wanted was already sold out. And there were other classes I would have liked to take but just could not fit into my shedule. My friend is taking 13, 1 2-needl.te class and also the Fashion show and she is on an extremely limited budget. In all the years I have been going, I have left only 2 classes-one I was falling asleep in and it was not the instructor's fault, and the other I misunderstood what the class was about and found I was not interested. And another class I also misunderstood what it was and found it fascinating. I am so looking forward to Sew Expo!!!!